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Quartzite countertops in fort worth

Quartzite is a natural stone that is quarried just like the granite stone and looks a bit similar to the Granite in some textures. It is a hard metamorphic rock that comes from the sandstone. After processing through the high temperatures and pressure, the sandstone gets transformed into the Quartzite. It is strong and durable and known as the most resistant stone compared to other stones. It is resistant to dampness, wear, and tear, and heat. The advantages are just awesome, that is the main reason why people love quartzite countertops for their dream home and especially for their kitchen.

The Quartzite is a perfect fit for any countertops across the home due to its high strength and durability. The Quartzite countertops considered for its beauty. Here are some features of Quartzite countertops.

quartzite countertops in fort worth


Quartzite found in white to grey shades as main. The pink and red hues are due to the iron oxide present in the stone. The yellow, blue, green, and orange quartzite can be formed due to the presence of the other minerals. Apart from the color, the quartzite will have varying degrees of pressure points in their formation and the presence of iron oxide and other minerals. The formulation adds a new appearance of natural stones like granite or marble. If you are looking for an appearance as a natural stone quartzite is the best choice.

Strength and Durability

Quartzite is harder than the granite. It is very durable and withstands high temperatures. It is simply perfect for the kitchen countertops as we often place the high temperatures on the surface of the countertops. Quartzite is the best stone that is perfectly fit for your kitchen needs and also for the other countertops.


The quartzite needs a little maintenance as it should be sealed before use and re-sealed after a year or two to maintain its beauty and overall look. Without proper sealing, the stains can get penetrate inside the stone that turns down the stone to be more vulnerable to the cracks.


Quartzite is affordable. It is the same as Quartz when it comes to the pricing model. When it comes to complicated molding, it might raise the cost. Still, it is worth able to have into your home as it can enhance the overall appearance to the next level.